Pairing Wine With My Life's Adventure

REINVENTION: Quit my job in IT, sold my house and moved from Cal to NYC for sommelier classes. GETTING MY HANDS DIRTY: Moved to Napa and worked in a vineyard making wine. TRAVEL: Through France and Italy on a wine scavenger hunt. Sto cambiando la mia vita e desidero imparare circa vino. Je change ma vie et je veux me renseigner sur le vin. TRY TO GET SERIOUS: Living in New York for 4 years and working as a Sommelier. NEW GOALS: Do my own thing, find love, speak Spanish, live wine.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Apartment search paired with Chianti

Landed in Harlem after a great send off from the beautiful people of the 916. I miss you. After a quick nap from the red eye, I went looking for a room to rent. First, tiny place in the e. village. Bathroom requires brushing your teeth in the shower and careful timing of b movements. Next place, sharing space with a sweaty Picasso. I thought it might be interesting to live with this artist guy, but soon felt doubt after one of his dogs took a shit on the floor in front of me after rolling around on the bed I would have been sleeping on. Third place was a dungeon, but really nice people. I think this calls for a 2001 Peppoli Chianti Classico, but if I did end up living with Picasso I would be drinking a tumbler of Korbel brandy and water with a vodka chaser. I'd have ended up at Betty Ford b/c I would have felt bad insulting my host. The Chianti was my choice b/c of its tendency to make your mouth water and get your appetite going. I'm ready to get settled into my new city and take it all in.

Looked at 2 other places the next day, upper west side with a Chinese cellist and lower Manhattan at the "Real Word" apartment. I chose the latter and thought a pint of Guiness would go best with that. The rest of my first week felt like a blur but I do remember some fantastic lasagna in the e. village, getting pushed on the street and a photo shoot with 2 of the most talented, creative women in the country.

Finally the voices in my head have stopped asking me what the hell am I doing. Start spreading the news...