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REINVENTION: Quit my job in IT, sold my house and moved from Cal to NYC for sommelier classes. GETTING MY HANDS DIRTY: Moved to Napa and worked in a vineyard making wine. TRAVEL: Through France and Italy on a wine scavenger hunt. Sto cambiando la mia vita e desidero imparare circa vino. Je change ma vie et je veux me renseigner sur le vin. TRY TO GET SERIOUS: Living in New York for 4 years and working as a Sommelier. NEW GOALS: Do my own thing, find love, speak Spanish, live wine.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Wine, Women and... Something Else Made from Grapes

Busy this week, sorry it took so long. School, trying to study along with field research, interviewing for bar/restaurant jobs and cocktail party at Flatiron Lounge.

Food & Wine released a cocktail book with a couple of Julie Reiner's recipes. She's bad ass and has created a world-class bar for a real good drink. Everything from the type of glass, to the training of the bar staff was top notch. Makes you think real hard when you get the tab at one of the flashy, how shall I say, augmented places. Inspiring to meet Julie and friends, professionals who know a thing or two about service and libations. Ciroc, a French vodka made from grapes was featured. What about grappa? I enjoyed Julie's ginger-mint lemonade with the vodka. See her pic -->

A couple more vodkas for you (I need to learn about distilled spirits and cigars too, so back to wine tomorrow): 44* Degrees North, huckleberry infused vodka and Zygo energy vodka. I know I know, you'll be my huckleberry. Both are made in Idaho (shout out to my 2 sistahs who recently moved to Twin Falls and Sun Valley respectively) with Idaho potatoes and water. I liked them both and think they're worth a try. Nice change from a super sugary cosmo and red-bull with over-priced-over-marketed vodka. Was Stoli so bad?

Started working the TriBeCa film fest yesterday. Enjoying the nice weather and start of the baseball season, go Giants! I'm planning on going to a Yankees game soon. Don't worry, resistance is NOT futile.

Check out some new pics and write MAG an email ---> *** WARNING: SUPER WEIRD ***


  • At 6:52 PM, Blogger Scott said…

    Caught JT and your boys against the dreaded "Jeff "Red Ass" Kent Dodgers Thursday night--Barry who?.

    The $8 Anchor Steam and garlic fries were a winner but you will enjoy the tradition and pagaentry of the Bronx and Yankee stadium--true old school. No frills, few cell phones and lots of passionate Puerto Ricans pulling for Jorge P and your boy Jeter.

    Peace Out.


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