Pairing Wine With My Life's Adventure

REINVENTION: Quit my job in IT, sold my house and moved from Cal to NYC for sommelier classes. GETTING MY HANDS DIRTY: Moved to Napa and worked in a vineyard making wine. TRAVEL: Through France and Italy on a wine scavenger hunt. Sto cambiando la mia vita e desidero imparare circa vino. Je change ma vie et je veux me renseigner sur le vin. TRY TO GET SERIOUS: Living in New York for 4 years and working as a Sommelier. NEW GOALS: Do my own thing, find love, speak Spanish, live wine.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Summer's here and the time is right for Sauv Blanc on the street.

It was beach day in the city. Nice and hot, and caught some rays at the beach club next to the shore in the village. I don't want a bunch of crashers, so I can't disclose the exact location. Next thing you know I won't have a place to lay down my towel.

It's the perfect time to chill with some chilled white; my pick is a Sauvignon Blanc. An ice bucket/bath is appropriate for champagne or sparkling yes, but for white you get more flavor if it's simply chilled. 20 minutes in the fridge is cool, ar ar.

During the New York part of my journey I'm trying to avoid California wines, but I liked the Charles Krug Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley 2003 at the Sea Grill in Rockefeller Plaza. We enjoyed it with chilled lobster, shrimp and oysters. The wine was nice with just enough fruit and grass.

My metro pass made it ok through a trip in the washing machine.

I got my own special tasting glass and I'm on the lookout for some sort of bag or carrying case for it. Kinda like the cutesy bags people use for their yoga mats (think third eye wine). I can't taste out of any old cup anymore, the vessel makes a difference.

I'm shopping for a new corkscrew too. I got one from my class and I thought maybe it was me, but this thing cracks every cork I use it on. I can't be that bad at opening? Am I nervous, or do I need more practice?

More practice I guess.


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