Pairing Wine With My Life's Adventure

REINVENTION: Quit my job in IT, sold my house and moved from Cal to NYC for sommelier classes. GETTING MY HANDS DIRTY: Moved to Napa and worked in a vineyard making wine. TRAVEL: Through France and Italy on a wine scavenger hunt. Sto cambiando la mia vita e desidero imparare circa vino. Je change ma vie et je veux me renseigner sur le vin. TRY TO GET SERIOUS: Living in New York for 4 years and working as a Sommelier. NEW GOALS: Do my own thing, find love, speak Spanish, live wine.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

lush or golddigger?

I will not be afraid...

"Whatever is it, some convergence of attitude, chemical, alcohol, love, lust, it is working for you,
take full advantage, no false humility, be brave and brazen, outspoken and assured in your work." MCM, my cousin

" ...time fails. Yes, time does not touch some. Time is repelled like a fresh coat of turtle wax... " Desmond Hall, my friend


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A calling from God and my liver

Happy New Year and I know it's been too long since my last post. I've dusted myself off and I'm ready to do it again. I mean all of it. Since my last post in April (sheesh), I went down for a dark period and way back up and can say that I've survived a very tough year. Things are looking good.

I wanted to write about how I landed the job of a lifetime... well maybe that's a bit dramatic, but it's a freaking great job with some great people. I was going to tell you about my new bed and how I finally sold my car. I was going to tell you about all the great wine I tasted (DUH THAT'S WHAT THIS BLOG IS ABOUT) and all the celebs with bad hair that I've waited on... I was going to tell you about my niece Racheal having a baby, so my sis Marcella is a GRANDMA. I was going to tell you about the ASA blind tasting class and the Court of Master Sommelier Certification test I took. I got 2 new pins and now know how much more I need to know. I was going to tell you about my dental work and love life, and how I thought I lost my mojo... fear almost ate me alive. I was going to be really funny and sad. I was going to tell you that buying my new bed was a turning point. I was going to tell you how wine is like music is like art is like people, with layers and complexity, flavor and texture. I was going to tell you about the trip I just took to California to sell off the end of that chapter in my life. Oh well, let's see what happens this year.

I've had some bottle age and I know I'll be better in 2008.