Pairing Wine With My Life's Adventure

REINVENTION: Quit my job in IT, sold my house and moved from Cal to NYC for sommelier classes. GETTING MY HANDS DIRTY: Moved to Napa and worked in a vineyard making wine. TRAVEL: Through France and Italy on a wine scavenger hunt. Sto cambiando la mia vita e desidero imparare circa vino. Je change ma vie et je veux me renseigner sur le vin. TRY TO GET SERIOUS: Living in New York for 4 years and working as a Sommelier. NEW GOALS: Do my own thing, find love, speak Spanish, live wine.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Best in the world!

Aldo Sohm won in Rome and is the best sommelier in the world! Very excited for him and so curious to hear all the details from the competition that took place this past weekend.

During this all-American Memorial-day weekend I went to the Yankee's game and had a great time, but realized some major flaws with the best (they say) team in baseball (I still love my SF Giants). The Dodger dog, by Farmer John, is the best hot dog in baseball. I know this might be blasphemous with Nathan's and all, but all I could think about while I was having my dog at the game is the memory of my Farmer John in LA. I spent a lot of time hating the Dodgers too, so you know I'm serious. Oakland A's win for the best all-around food concessions, and the Giants win for best wine selection. Coors field has the coldest beer. Wrigley had a great wiener, but the bun fell apart. Yankees didn't even have sauerkraut, maybe somewhere else in the park, but I was in a good seat (with padding) with a server and no sauerkraut was offered.

Now the wine at the house that Ruth built was the worst part of the game. Oh my gosh, YellowTail? For real? Isn't this America? Isn't this an American pastime? Isn't Yankee Stadium the icon for all that? Tell me where YellowTail is from people. Why not serve some wine from say, I don't know, New York!? There is very drinkable wine from New York, as close as the Hamptons. Tocai Friulano from Channing Daughters is a fine example. Sheesh!

I hope with the new ball park going up next door that things are going to change, or Derek Jeter and I are going to have a very personal conversation.

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Monday, April 30, 2007

A Burgundy for cereal lovers

There are some wines that pair well with anything...

In the attempt to make my New York life permanent, I finally made a trip to the DMV to surrender my California driver's license and get a new one. The new picture is so bad I might be forced to move away in a few months. I've not sold my car and sort of decided to keep it for now. If you want to make an offer, however, I'm still open.

This week in booze, I had the chance to meet sake expert John Gauntner and hear him speak about rice, water and the regions in regard to sake production. He's awesome and so is the idea of sake terroir.

I spent 2 days learning about wines from Greece... you bet your Assyrtiko, Agiorgitko and Xinomavro. That's one white grape and two reds.

In the wee hours of the morning I heard a woodpecker outside my window and can see the signs that spring has arrived. I will pursue bird watching when I get older (I'm not older yet). A couple weeks ago I was stuck inside with 3 movies, 2 soups and non-stop rain and lightening.

Please check out my esteemed colleague, sommelier and wine writer Jim Clarke, who I'm excited to be working with more this week.

At the last minute, I got turned onto an angel that helped me get some tax money back. I've been living by the skin of my teeth, and relief should come in a few weeks by mail from the Feds and the State of NY (payback for the picture I guess), so to celebrate I bought a bottle of Hendrick's gin and several ice cube trays. Piper laughed when I referred to this purchase as a "staple."

What does it mean to dream about frogs and donuts?

Champagne. Pleased to meet Olivier Krug as he released his '96 vintage Champagne at my restaurant. So golden in color and the palette matches. Wow. Along with the Dom Perignon Oenotheque 1993, drinking it from a regular wine glass versus a flute brings so much more out of the wine. Please try side by side.

I also met Loire winemaker Fran├žois Chidaine and his wife Manuela at the Polaner tasting and they accepted an invite to visit my restaurant. Lovely people and lovely wine.

The Mother Hips are coming to play in NYC this week. Love the California Soul. Shout out to Dud Chaney, I love and miss the Chaney clan. I hope your back is better and Jen's belly is healthy and happy. Congrats to Danny and Michelle on the arrival of Charlotte, she's beautiful.

Things are cool in general (with the exception of missing my financial cushion) and I'm fantasizing about stuff I've done instead of things I didn't do (as I have a nightcap and look at old pics). I must remember to brush my teeth; the wine is creating an ugly sediment. I'm well and having fun (as you can see). Mixing it up with a young one and gearing up for wine tests and a career move (TBD).

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